Are gay people going to heaven?

This is such a controversial topic, and such a waste of time. But recently my personal Facebook wall has been flooded with people saying gays cannot be Christians, and visa versa as well.

Everyone is convinced that what they believe is right, and so very few people are allowing different opinions into their little heads.

I have gay friends, loving people, people of which I enjoy their company very much. These people are way better Christians than most Christians I know. So why do we judge them. The bible barely mentions homosexuality, yet we are so fixated on the few occurrences where it does come up.

Does the bible not talk about love so much more, does the bible not tell us not to judge, does the bible not say that me, and me alone will give reckoning when I arrive at the pearly gates? The bible also say that you should not steal, you should not swear, you should not kill, you should not, you should not.

If you want to use the bible as your measurement tool, then please make sure that your life is clean first.

Every religion has their own view on homosexuality, and it’s their right, and it’s up to me to respect each and every religion. Is it not up to us to just respect one another? Religious people love to judge, it’s as is it was put upon them to judge. Whenever they get the opportunity to criticize, they do.

Now with that out of the way, here is my personal view on it. I respect every person for who they are. As long as love and happiness wins, then I win. As long as we respect each other, we all win. If two men love & care for each other, then it’s their life, and they can do with it what ever they want, the same with two woman, the same for transgender and the same for every living species that exists. It does not affect me, I love my wife, she makes me happy, and hopefully I make her happy. That is ALL that counts; there are certain things within my control, and a lot of things outside of my control. For me it’s about my family, and nothing else.

But in saying all that: I still believe in natural selection, survival of the fittest. We still need the eggs from a woman, and the sperm of a man to reproduce. Gay people cannot reproduce in a natural way. Yes there is a lot of ways that a gay couple can have a baby, but remember that it’s not 100% theirs. If they are fine with that, then so be it, and I will respect that, I have absolutely no issue with that. But remember that you need the advancements made by medicine in order to have babies. A few years ago we could not do that, so it is a man made process and not part of nature, so is antibiotics and vaccinations. We use medical advancements to make our lives better, and I use that every day, and I am thankful of it every day.

We are ever evolving, and I agree that this might change in the future. This is just how it stands at the moment.

If a husband has an affair with another woman, no matter what the circumstances, people get hurt, hearts are broken, and trust is gone. This for me is far worse than a loving gay couple going about their ways. Why do we have to spend time to break them down, why do we need to take time out of our already rushed lives to sit and think how wrong this is? I just don’t get it. Rather use that energy for something good, like finding a solution for world hunger or something that really matters.

Just love each other, love the people around you and we will all be just fine. Times are changing and we need to keep up, but love will be there forever.

What do you think?

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